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It is hard to believe after all these years that this is the first time I have ever typed into my browser. Now that I have, I like what I see. The main page is splashed with hotties that all have their own webcams. The site seems to a have a lot of girls and looks simple and easy to use. Lets give it a spin and see what comes up.


As suggested on the tour, the site has a good number of models in it. Luckily, there are some very nice, easy to use browse/search options so you can sift through them and find a girl that you like. Once you register you are able to chat with the girls live. The free chat is endless and you can talk for as long as you want, but if you want to get the girl naked or have her do anything naughty with you then you have to take her into private chat and pay per minute. The pay per minute is actually done through credits. You buy credits then the girls charge a credit per minute base. The girls all make up their own prices. It seems like most of the prices averaged between $3.00 - $5.00 per minute. You can get discounts from the girls if you are regular customer or a fan.

I liked the overall video quality of the cam feeds. Some girls had better cam feeds that others, but for the most part they all looked pretty good and had sound that was clear and worked well. The cam feeds also loaded fast for me and played without any problems.

Each girl has a profile that tells you about her and has some sample pictures of her. Some of the profiles are more detailed than others. I liked the profiles because it gave me a chance to find a girl that I knew would be into similar stuff as me. There are also a couple of different membership types. The free membership lets you browse and chat with the girls and do private 1 on 1 shows. A premium membership allows you to do all of that, plus it allows you to browse all of the girls pre-recorded shows. You can watch all of them whenever you want. If you dont want to get the premium membership you can buy individual shows with your credits. They cost an average of around $7 each.


While there were a good number of models online, there dont seem to be nearly the number some other sites have.

The tour is pretty plain and doesn't give you a whole lot of information about what all you get inside.


This is a pretty decent live cam site. I found some hot models to chat with and the overall quality of the video and audio streams was good. I also liked that they had a few different membership types and different pay options so you can decide for yourself what you want. The site could be a little larger and the tour is a lacking some information, but overall this is a pretty nice, average live cam site. It really does just depend on the girls. If you find a babe you like chatting with, then you should be happy with what you find in this site.