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Intro: is one of the largest, most well put together sites out there and it is packed with many different girls (as well as couple and guys) from all over the world. If you cant find someone hot to chat with here, they are not to be found. The tour is very simple and easy to use. It simply shows you who is online at that moment and lets you browse the live chat rooms as well as look at some of the features of the account. It looks good from the start, so lets get inside and get on it.


Something I liked right from the start is how they have the site organized. They have tens of thousands of cam girls on this site so finding anyone could be difficult, but they actually make it pretty easy. At the time I wrote this review it was late at night and there were 445 different girls on live. You can do a simple break down of what type of person you are looking for IE: girls alone, couples, guys, trannys, lesbians, matures, teens etc. You can also break it down by hair color and race. So I selected girls alone with red hair who were white and got 9 matches of girls who were online right then. Pretty slick!

When a girl is online you can simply click her picture and be taken to her chat room. There you can talk to her for free. Normally, she will be wearing clothes or covered up in some way, but most of the girls wear pretty sexy outfits. Lingerie, panties and bras and pretty much the norm here. You can talk in the free chat as much as you like, but if you want them to get naked and do sexual things you have to take them private and pay. The cost are pretty much left up to the girls and it looks like the average is from $1.50-$5.00 per minute. Many of the girls offer different types of shows like a group show where several guys will be watching her show at the same time. These are normally cheaper than a 1 on 1 private show. Other girls will have voyeur shows available. This lets you watch her as she does a private show with a guy, but you cant talk to her.

The girls all offer what they call a fan club. This costs around $10 per month and for it you get access to a lot of different things. Included are the girls pre-recorded shows and more pictures of them. The girls normally give their fan club members good discounts on nude/sex shows as well.

Two things I really liked about the site were the overall quality of the video streams and the thumbnail previews of the girls. The girls on this site have some nice cams and they clearly want to keep the quality high. Some girls even have high def cams. Also, when you are the main page of the site the preview thumb for each girl is updated periodically so it actually looks like them and shows them as they are now. Some sites have thumbs that are months old so in it the girl might have long blond hair then you click it and she now has short brown hair. These thumbs have the dynamic update so what you see is what you get and what she is wearing in the thumb normally is what she has on in real life.


The only con about the site is that you need to sign up for a free basic membership to do any kind of free chatting. You can watch the girls (at least for about 60 seconds until the screen prompts you to join), but you cant talk to them without signing up. Its actually not that big of a deal because it really is a free membership and lasts forever, but until you get it, it is a little annoying.


This is a kick ass cams site! They have all the features you could want including a ton of girls with many of them being very hot. They have good hardware and nice looking video streams as well as current and updated thumb previews. The site is easy to use and offers you a variety of membership options so you can have the most fun depending on your budget. This is one of the best live cam sites out there so dont let it pass you by.