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On Her Cam is an interesting cam site that aims to go for quality over quantity. They don't have nearly the number of girls that other sites have, but they appear to work hard on finding very hot girls and making the experience more user friendly and detail oriented. I like what I see so far, lets give it a good looking over and see what they have to offer.


For starters the girls have some really nice bios. They are detailed and have pictures and videos in them. Something else I really like about them is that they have the actual 1on1 chat prices listed right there. So you can easily see what she looks like, read what she is into and how much a private show will cost. The prices range from around $1.00 to $7.00 per minute. Many girls have different price ranges depending on what kind of show you want. The girls also have schedules of when they will be online.

There are two basic kinds of membership. The free membership (when you sign up you get 15 free credits) will let you log in and chat live with the girls who are online. You can buy credits and do private and live shows with the girls. The VIP membership will cost you $24.95 per month. This membership gives you discounts on live 1on1 chat with the girls it also lets you watch all of the girls previously recorded live shows for free. As a VIP you will also get access to some live events that they have scheduled. For example tomorrow there is a live show with a feature model named Carmen that VIP members can watch.

The overall quality of the video and audio is very good. Since they have fewer models they can really patrol the quality and make sure the girls have very good cams and microphones.

There were some other cool features as well. Many of the girls are on Twitter and you can see their latest tweets or even follow them if you want. They also have a blog that different girls update every day with pics, stories or whatever is on their minds.


The main negative about this site is its size. There are only about 427 total girls on the site and when I wrote this review there was one girl online live. With that few girls there could be times where there is nobody you are interested online.


I like the idea of this site and I think they have done a pretty good job of putting it together. Instead of just letting any girl with a cam on the site, they have cherry picked the best girls and put together a site that is high in quality and full of nice extras and details. The lower number of girls may have you finding yourself without anyone you want to talk to, but if you go with the VIP membership you can always watch the past live shows. My suggestion would be to check out the tour. They have every girl on the site listed there and you can check out all of their bios. If you see some hotties you are interested in then this is well worth joining.