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IM Live is a live webcam service where you can talk to women from all over the world and watch them do all kinds of hot, naughty thing live on their cams while they chat with you. The site has a ton of users and webcam girls on it and some pretty nice features. Lets get inside the site and see how it all holds up.


IM Live is one of the largest live webcam sites out there. With over 50,000 webcam performers in multiple niches there is bound to be someone here you are interested. The largest niche by far is girls home alone. These are simply girls in their homes with the webcams on. There are 30,000 of those girls on the site. At the time I wrote this review there 651 girls alone live online. The site actually breaks it down into smaller niches too. They have the girls separated out so you can see BBW, teen, big boobs, small boobs, hair color, ethnicity etc. There are plenty of other niches as well including fetishes, famous porn stars, lesbians, guys, shemales, threesomes, couples and others.

When you see a girl (or guy or whatever) that you want to chat with that is online you can watch their free chat and talk to them for free. Normally they will be wearing a sexy outfit, something skimpy or be somewhat covered up. There is never a charge for the free chat, but if you want to see them nude or get sexual with them then you have to take them into private chat. In order to do that you will have to buy some IM Live Credits. The girls set their own rates with the average ranging from 0.98 to 5.80 credits per minute. You can buy the credits in packages of 25, 50, 75 and 100. Many of the girls offer discounts to regular customers

Each girl on the system has a profile page where you can learn a little bit about her, what she does in her live shows and what she is into. To me the profiles are a huge help simply because here you can see in writing what a girl is into and what turns her off. You can do a little homework so to speak and find a girl that not only is hot, but is into the same stuff as you so the two of you can connect.

The quality of the video streams relies mainly on the quality of the camera the girl has so they can vary from girl to girl. I found most of them that I saw to be pretty good. Many of the girls record their private shows and post them on the site. These shows, just like the actual live shows, cost credits per minute to watch.


There are two things to mention here. First is that some times it seemed like the sample pic of the girls doesn't match what the girl looks like on cam. I understand one day she may be dressed different or have her hair done differently, but there were some pics where they looked like two different people.

When you are in the free chat they have a sales banner pop up wanting you to join. To get rid of it you have to back out and reload it. I know they are looking for signups, but this was annoying and I think there would be better ways to do it.


Overall, I really liked what I saw here. There are a ton of girls on the site with plenty of hotties and there seems to be a lot of girls online at any given time. Even if the girl you want isn't on chances are you can watch one of her previously recorded shows. The site is easy to navigate and the video seems to stream well and for the most part it looked good. There are a few little things that annoyed me, but they are things that are pretty easily avoidable once you join the site and find girls that you want to chat with regularly. Give this one a look if you are into live cams, they have pretty much everything you could want.