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With a simple, basic layout, the tour for this site shows you how many girls are live online right at the moment you visit the site. You can click and watch some of the free chat shows right on the tour and look at some of the features your membership will give you access to. This one seems like it might be a little smaller than others, but lets find out and make sure.


The site has a very easy to use design. Once inside you have a few basic things you can do. You can live chat with the girls, check out their profiles, look at some of the past pre-recorded shows or do a live 1on1 chat with a girl. The free chat involves the girls being dressed in some form or another (Although I did see some bare asses and a lot of very tiny outfits). You can chat this way for free for as long as you like. If you want to kick things up and get naked and wild you will have to pay per minute. The pay per minute is done using credits that you purchase and the prices vary depending on the girl. It seems like the average was around $2.95 per minute.

I liked the way that the chat rooms look on this site. You can actually pop the text chat box out into a separate window which allows the video screen to be larger and easier to see. The video itself was pretty nice. It is very dependent on the quality of the cam the girl has, but most of them seem to have some good cameras that offered nice clear video and good quality audio.

The membership options are pretty up front. For $29.95 per month you get access to the full site plus you get 30 credits each month to use on private chat. For $39.95 per month you get 45 credits. You can always buy extra credits if you want. The private shows can also be group shows or other options which might bring the prices down.

The girls all have bios on the site that have some pictures of them and will tell you all kind s of details about the girl including any schedule she might have for when she is online. You can even set text message alerts so that when she comes online you get a text sent to your phone letting you know.


There were a couple of things that I didn't like. The site seems a little on the small side. At the time I was on there were only about 35 live girls. That could be due to the time of day I was on, but it didn't seem very impressive. Also, on the main page of the tour as soon as I clicked on a girl I was interested in I got hit with a pop up add. If I wanted to buy something else, I might do that later, first give me a chance to look at this site and see what it is before you hammer me with ads for other sites.


This is a pretty average live webcam site. It has some nice features and I liked the way the live streams played. It also had some cool model bios and alert features. I liked that they are up front with their membership fees and what you get with them and the overall quality of the site is pretty good. It does seem a little on the small side and the pop up console annoyed me. My advice would be to check out the tour and see how many girls are live when you happen to be on. Maybe there will be more for you. If you see a girl you want to chat with, this site does provide some nice tools for doing so and it should make you happy.